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Anchor rope
The rope which attaches the anchor of spherical balloons.
An instrument for measuring the velocity of the wind.
An instrument to determine from the basket whether a balloon is ascending of descending relative to the surrounding air.
Aneroid barometer
An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure and determining altitude.
Angle of Incidence
The angle that the chord of a wing makes with the direction of motion relative to the air. A particularly muddling term, as it is often measured as the distance in inches that the front spar is above the rear spar when the aeroplane is in the flying-level position
The sleeve on a balloon through which it is inflated; it also provides for the escape of gas from a spherical balloon as the gas expands.
Anti-aircraft fire
Armored hose
Metal hose connection between the cylinder and the manifold.
Aspect Ratio
The proportion of span to chord of a plane
The science of air navigation by a medium heavier than air.
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