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Factor of Safety
Determined by dividing the stress at which a body will collapse by the maximum stress it will be called upon to bear
A fixed vertical plane generally fitted in front of the rudder to increase the stability of the machine
Flares, Ground
Waste soaked in petrol, or petrol in buckets and set on fire; used as a landing lights during hours of darkness
Flares, Parachute
Magnesium lights, electrically fired and attached to a small parachute; released near the ground to aid in landing an aeroplane during the hours of darkness
Flares, Wing Tip
Magnesium lights, electrically fired whilst attached to the wing tips; used to aid in landing an aeroplane during the hours of darkness
Flattening Out
A phrase used to describe the gradual decreasing of the glide angle of an aeroplane until it merges into the horizontal a few inches above the ground
Flieger Abteilung Artillerie
German aviation reconnaissance and photographic unit working in cooperation with Artillery; same as FA(A)
Flyer troops; Aviation troops
A small group of aeroplanes
Flying Speed
The speed an aeroplane must reach or exceed in order to stay aloft
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