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Captive balloon
A balloon held captive to a point on the ground by means of a cable.
Caquot balloon
Name given to the elongated type of captive observation balloon invented by Capt. Caquot of the French Army, now in general use in war.
A particular type of aerial manoeuvre
The whole of the lower surface of a plane and the whole of the top surface of the plane above it, with the struts and wires holding them together
The rectangular box-like compartments in a biplane formed by the upper and lower planes and the interplane struts
Centre of Gravity
Centre of mass or weight
Centre of Pressure
A line running from wing tip to wing tip, along which all the air forces on the wing may be said to act
Centre Section
The centre cellule of a biplane where this cellule is made detachable from the wings
Chart room
Room used for assimilation and distribution of data from balloons and batteries.
Wooden, wedge-shaped blocks placed in front of the wheels of the aeroplane to prevent it from moving when the engine is started
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