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Chord of a Wing
The distance between the leading and trailing edge of a wing
Where the pilot of the aeroplane sits
Cold Feet
A complaint, otherwise known as aerosthenia or nervousness about going into the air
Combustion Chamber
The space between the top of the cylinder and the top of the piston where the explosion of the air-fuel mixture takes place
The upward stroke of the piston which compresses the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber
Concentrating ring
A hoop which supports the weight of the basket, its contents, etc., on a balloon or parachute.
Concentration bar
It fills the same purpose as the concentration ring in balloons and parachutes.
The word used to describe an aeroplane engine when it fails
Connecting sleeve
Metal or wood cylinders used for joints of inflation tubing.
The word used to indicate that the switch is on
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