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A preparation painted on the wings of an aeroplane in order to render them taut and weatherproof the fabric
Dope Can
A metal syringe containing petrol for priming the engine
The crabwise motion of an aeroplane over the ground due to a side wind; also used to denote head resistance
Dual Control
A system of levers and controls arranged in such a fashion so that either the pilot or the passenger can fly the aeroplane
New pilots with little or no experience in combat
A hinged controlling surface or flap, operated by the fore-and-aft movement of the control lever; used to control the up-and-down motion of the aeroplane and in steep banks for turning the aeroplane
The tail unit of an aeroplane; the rudder, elevator and fixed tail plane
Engine Bearer
The metal framework or tubing to which the engine of the aeroplane is attached
Exhaust Stroke
The upward stroke of a piston in a cylinder that forces the burnt and exhausted air-fuel mixture out of the combustion chamber
Additional lifting surfaces added to the top planes
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