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Country: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Established: The Medal for Bravery (Tapferkeitsmedaille) in gold and silver was established on 19 July 1789. The bronze medal was established on 14 February 1915. Bars were authorized on 29 November 1915. Initially, the medals awarded during the Great War were struck with the image of Franz Joseph. Upon his death, the medals were struck with the image of his successor, the young Archduke Karl, beginning in April 1917.
Classes: Four classes - the Gold, the Silver in first and second class and the Bronze
Silver Medal for Bravery, 2nd Class
The Medal for Bravery was awarded to military personnel for acts of bravery in combat. For each subsequent act of bravery, recipients were awarded a bar in the appropriate class.

Number of medals minted during World War I:
3,700 Gold
143,000 Silver, 1st Class
384,000 Silver, 2nd Class
950,000 Bronze
Recipients - World War I Aces
1 Arigi, Julius
1 Gold, 4 Silver
2 Banfield, Gottfried Freiherr von
1 Gold, 1 Silver
3 Boensch (Bönsch), Eugen
3 Gold
4 Brumowski, Godwin
1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
5 Dombrowski, Andreas
1 Gold, 1 Silver
6 Fiala von Fernbrugg, Benno
1 Gold
7 Frickart, Wilhelm Maximilian
1 Silver, 1 Bronze
8 Gaim, Ludwig
Silver - 31 Dec 1917
9 Graeser (Gräser), Franz
1 Silver
10 Hautzmayer, Ludwig
1 Silver
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