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Country: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Established: The small Military Merit Medal was established on 12 March 1890 in two classes. On 1 April 1916, Franz Joseph added a third, higher class: the large Military Merit Medal.
Three Classes: Gold (large medal), Silver and Bronze (small medal)
Military Merit Medal
The Military Merit Medal was awarded for outstanding services to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in war and peace. Crossed gold swords were attached to the medal's ribbon for meritorious acts in the face of the enemy. In February 1917, Karl I authorized silver bars for additional awards of the small medal and gold bars for additional awards of the large medal.
Recipients - World War I Aces
11 Macourek, Bela
12 Maier, Josef von
13 Nachod, Kurt
Silver with Swords
14 Nikitsch, Karl
15 Patzelt, Karl
16 Peter, Franz
17 Puerer (Pürer), Josef
18 Rodlauer, Alois
19 Schmidt, Roman
20 Szepessy-Sokoll, Rudolf
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