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During the Great War, the British honors system was used to recognize and reward an individual's personal bravery, achievements or service to the British Empire. The honors system was comprised of three types of awards: honors, decorations and medals. honors recognized merit in terms of achievement and service, decorations usually recognized specific acts or deeds, and medals recognized bravery, long and/or valuable service and/or good conduct.
1 Victoria Cross (VC)
2 Order of the British Empire (OBE)
3 Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
4 Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
5 Military Cross (MC)
6 Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
7 Air Force Cross (AFC)
8 Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM)
9 Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)
10 Military Medal (MM)
11 Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM)
12 Air Force Medal (AFM)
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