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Country: Great Britain
Established: 25 March 1916; revised 24 June 1916
Criteria: The Military Medal (MM) was awarded for individual or associated acts of bravery in the field to non-commissioned officers. Under exceptional circumstances, women became eligible to receive the Military Medal in June 1916.
Notes: For services during the Great War, the London Gazette announced the award of the Military Medal (MM) to members of the flying services 245 times:

Airmen who received the Military Medal: 243
Airmen who received a first Bar to the Military Medal: 2
Royal Warrant:
Military Medal (MM)
GEORGE THE FIFTH, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India, To all to whom these Presents shall come Greeting:

WHEREAS We are desirous of signifying Our appreciation of acts of gallantry and devotion to duty performed by non-commissioned officers and men of Our Army in the Field We do by these Presents for Us Our heirs and successors institute and create a silver medal to be awarded to non-commissioned officers and men for individual or associated acts of bravery on the recommendation of a Commander-in-Chief in the Field:

Firstly.—It is ordained that the medal shall be designated "The Military Medal."

Secondly.—It is ordained that the Military Medal shall bear on the obverse the Royal Effigy, and on the reverse the words "For bravery in the Field," encircled by a wreath surmounted by the Royal Cipher and a Crown.

Thirdly.—It is ordained that the names of those upon whom We may be pleased to confer the Military Medal shall be published in the London Gazette, and that a Register thereof shall be kept in the Office of Our Principal Secretary of State for War.

Fourthly.—It is ordained that the Military Medal shall be worn immediately before all war medals and shall be worn on the left breast pendent from a ribbon of one inch and one quarter in width, which shall be in colour dark blue having in the centre three white and two crimson stripes alternating.

Lastly.—It is ordained that in cases where non-commissioned officers and men who have been awarded the Military Medal shall be recommended by a Commander-in-Chief in the Field for further acts of bravery, a Bar may be added to the medal already conferred.
Given at Our Court at Saint James's, this Twenty-fifth day of March, 1916, in the Sixth Year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty's Command,
Supplement to the London Gazette, 25 March 1916 (29535/3647)
Recipients - World War I Aces
11 Holmes, William Norman
12 Jun 1918
12 Jones, James Ira Thomas
10 Aug 1916*
13 Knowles, Frederick John
10 Apr 1918*
14 Lufbery, Gervais Raoul
19 May 1917
15 Malavialle, Paul Louis
16 Mason, Jack
Oct 1917
17 McCudden, James Thomas Byford
01 Oct 1916
18 Olley, Gordon Percy
17 Sep 1917*
19 Potter, Frank
17 Sep 1917*
20 Sardier, Jean Marie Luc Gilbert
* Gazetted
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