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Country: Great Britain
Established: On 4 June 1917, in the eighth year of his reign, King George the V was "pleased to institute, erect, constitute, and create an Order of Knighthood, to be called and known for ever hereafter by the name, style, and designation of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire." London Gazette, 24 August 1917
Five Classes: Knights Grand Cross and Dames Grand Cross
Knights Commanders and Dames Commanders
Order of the British Empire, Officer
"It is ordained that the persons to be admitted to this Order shall be such persons, male or female, as may have rendered or shall hereafter render important services to Our Empire, and that Foreign persons upon whom We may think fit to confer the honour of being received into this Order shall be deemed to be, and described as, Honorary Knights Grand Cross or Honorary Dames Grand Cross, Honorary Knights Commanders or Honorary Dames Commanders, Honorary Commanders, Honorary Officers, and Honorary Members, according to the classes in the Order to which they belong." London Gazette, 24 August 1917
Recipients - World War I Aces
1 Duffus, Chester Stairs
01 Jan 1919
2 Rees, Lionel Wilmot Brabazon
Officer - 03 Jun 1919*
3 Stevens, Frank Douglas
Officer - 03 Jun 1919*
* Gazetted
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