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Country: Russia
Established: Established on 7 May 1765 by Stanislas August Poniatowsky, the independent king of Poland, the Order of Saint Stanislas was adopted as a Russian Order in 1831 by Emperor Nicholas I, who served as its Grand Master until 1917.
Classes: Three
Order of St. Stanislas, 1st Class Cross
Initially awarded to persons who exemplified "Christian virtues," the Order of Saint Stanislas entitled recipients of the first class to hereditary nobility. It was also awarded for a distinguished career in civil or military service. For military valor, recipients received it with crossed swords.
Recipients - World War I Aces
1 De Seversky, Alexander

2nd Class, 3rd Class
2 Draisey, Arthur Stuart

2nd Class with Swords
3 Gilsher, Juri

3rd Class
4 Kozakov (Kazakoff), Alexander Alexandrovich

2nd Class with Swords and Bow, 3rd Class with Swords
5 Kruten, Yevgraph

2nd Class, 3rd Class
6 Leman, Ernst

3rd Class
7 Loiko, Ivan

2nd Class with Swords
8 Lord, Frederic Ives

2nd Class with Swords
9 Makeenok, Donat

2nd Class with Swords, 3rd Class with Swords
10 Olieslagers, Jan

? Class
* Gazetted
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