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"Austro-Hungarian military aviation began as a balloon corps in 1893. In 1912, a committee charged with the task appointed Oberst (Colonel) Emil Uzelac to form the air service. The air service later became officially known as the kaiserliche und königliche Luftfahrtruppen (The Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops), usually referred to as k.u.k. LFT, or simply LFT. At the start of the war, the entire Army Air Service consisted of nine flying companies with a total of 85 pilots and 39 serviceable aircraft, and ten balloons." Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914-1918

1 Fliegerkompanie (Flik)
2 Fliegeretappenpark (Flep)
3 Fliegerersatzkompanie (Flek)
4 Fliegerarsenal (Flars)
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