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"A Jagdgeschwader was a permanent grouping of four Jagdstaffeln (Jasta) German fighter squadrons with an official strength of 14 aeroplanes. Effectively a fighter wing, a Geschwader was under the direct command of the Armee Oberkommando or AOK (headquarters) of a particular German army. Its purpose was to be rapidly deployable to different areas of the frontline to maintain aerial supremacy by attacking enemy bomber and reconnaissance aircraft in the upper air space." Jagdgeschwader Nr II by Greg VanWyngarden

1 Royal Prussian Jagdgeschwader I (JG1)
2 Royal Prussian Jagdgeschwader II (JG2)
3 Royal Prussian Jagdgeschwader III (JG3)
4 Royal Bavarian Jagdgeschwader IV (JG4)
5 Royal Prussian Marine Jagdgeschwader
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