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Formed: 13 May 1917 at Kelly Field, Texas
Mobilized: 15 July 1918
Insignia: The Great Snow Owl
Aces: 6  
Victories: 53 Airplanes (DES)
11 Airplanes (OOC)
0 Balloons
Losses: 13 Killed in Action (KIA)
  Killed in Flying Accident (KIFA)
  Wounded in Action (WIA)
6 Prisoners of War (POW)
Not until August 1918 did this squadron officially become known as the 17th Aero Squadron. Prior to that it was called Company M, Company B and the 29th Provisional Aero Squadron. Detachments of the squadron served with the Royal Air Force upon arriving in France in February 1918.
Aces Aircraft COs Aerodromes
1 Howard Burdick 8
2 Howard Knotts 6
3 George Vaughn 6
4 Lloyd Hamilton 5
5 Robert Todd 5
6 William Tipton 3
1 Sopwith Camel
1 Samuel Eckert
The Camel Drivers: The 17th Aero Squadron in World War I
     by Otis Lowell Reed, George Roland / Hardcover / Schiffer Publishing 2000
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