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Name: Raoul Stojsavljevic
Knights Cross of the Order of Leopold
Order of the Iron Crown, 3rd Class
Military Merit Cross, 3rd Class
Gold Medal for Bravery
Raoul Stojsavljevic Iron Cross, 1st and 2nd Class
Country: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Rank: Hauptmann
Units: Flik 13, 16, 17, 34
Victories: 10
Born: 28 July 1887
Place of Birth: Innsbruck, Austria
Died: 02 September 1930 Killed In Flying Accident
Place of Death: Near Partenkirchen, Bavaria
Stojsavljevic graduated from the Maria Theresa Military Academy in 1908. After serving in the infantry, he transferred to the Army Air Service in 1913 and was posted to Flik 13 as a reconnaissance pilot in November 1914. On 16 February 1915, he and his observer were captured by the Russians when their two-seater was forced down by a snow storm. Escaping six days later, the two men evaded the enemy for months until they reached the safety of their own lines in June 1915. Stojsavljevic was posted to Flik 17 later that summer and in September 1915 he joined Flik 16 where he scored his first four victories in 1916. In February 1917, he was posted to Flik 34 for two months. With this unit he learned to fly the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I, scored his fifth victory and injured his knee in a crash. In May 1917, Stojsavljevic served briefly with Jasta 6 at Cambrai before rejoining Flik 16. Having scored five more victories in 1917, he was badly wounded in a dogfight on 12 January 1918. After a lengthy recovery, he returned to duty in October 1918 and was appointed commander of the Officers Flight School at Wiener-Neustadt.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 04 Jul 1916 0825 Flik 16 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (64.14) Farman Malborghetto
2 25 Jul 1916 Flik 16 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I Farman Monte Paularo
3 07 Aug 1916 Flik 16 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (64.13) Farman Val di Raccolana
4 01 Sep 1916 Flik 16 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I Farman Val Bogna
5 13 Feb 1917 1700 Flik 34 KD D.I (65.68) Farman S of Kostanjevica
6 17 Apr 1917 Flik 16 Hansa-Brandenburg C.I (68.11) Farman Villach airfield
7 14 Jul 1917 1130 Flik 16 KD D.I (28.30) Farman Mont Cullar
8 23 Jul 1917 Flik 16 KD D.I Farman Carnia
9 07 Sep 1917 Flik 16 KD D.I SAML Monte Skarnitz
10 21 Nov 1917 Flik 16 Albatros D.III (153.66) SAML Near Feltre
Above the War Fronts
by Norman L. R. Franks, Russell Guest, Gregory Alegi / Hardcover / Grub Street (September 1997)
Air Aces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914-1918
by Dr. Martin O'Connor / Hardcover / Flying Machines Press (January 1986)
Austro-Hungarian Aces of World War 1
by Chris Chant, Mark Rolfe (Illustrator) / Paperback / Osprey Publishing (February 25, 2002)
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