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Name: Frederick Carr "Army" Armstrong
Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
Croix de Guerre
Frederick Carr Armstrong
Country: Canada
Rank: Flight Commander
Service: Royal Naval Air Service
Units: 3N; 3W (RNAS)
Victories: 13
Born: 13 June 1895
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died: 25 March 1918 Killed In Action
Place of Death: S of Ervillers, France
Memorial: Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Memorial: Church of the Redeemer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Image
The son of Fred an Emily (Owen) Armstrong, Frederick Carr Armstrong attended Upper Canada College from 1909 to 1912. After he joined the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915, Flight Sub-Lieutenant Armstrong received Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate 2675 on a Maurice Farman biplane at Royal Naval Air Station, Chingford on 3 April 1916. He was posted to Naval 3 at Dunkirk in February 1917. He was killed in action when his Sopwith Camel went down in flames near Ervillers.

Appears as Fred Carr Armstrong in most sources.
Great Britain, Royal Aero Club Aviators' Certificates, 1910-1950
Ontario, Canada, Births 1869-1913
Toronto Star, 17 November 1917
Toronto Evening Telegram, 18 March 1918
Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
Act. Flt. Cdr. Fred Carr Armstrong, R.N.A.S.
   In recognition of his services with a Wing of the R.N.A.S. at Dunkirk between February and September, 1917. He has destroyed several hostile machines, and has led his flight with very great skill and gallantry.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 06 Apr 1917 1020 3N Sopwith Pup (N6178) Halberstadt D.II (OOC) Bourlon Wood
2 12 Apr 1917 1030 3N Sopwith Pup (N6178) Albatros D.II (OOC) 1 Pronville
3 02 May 1917 0700 3N Sopwith Pup (N6178) Albatros C (DESF) 2 Bourlon Wood
4 06 May 1917 1905 3N Sopwith Pup (N6178) Albatros D.III (OOC) 3 Bourlon Wood
5 07 Jul 1917 1110 3N Sopwith Pup (N6465) Seaplane (DES) 4 N of Ostend
6 16 Sep 1917 1140 3N Sopwith Camel (B3808) Albatros D.V (DES) Thorout
7 16 Sep 1917 1145 3N Sopwith Camel (B3808) Albatros D.V (OOC) Thorout
8 29 Jan 1918 1315 3N Sopwith Camel (B7193) Albatros D.V (OOC) Roulers
9 11 Mar 1918 1120 3N Sopwith Camel (B7218) Albatros D.V (DES) Drocourt
10 21 Mar 1918 1150 3N Sopwith Camel (B7220) Pfalz D.III (OOC) Esquerchin
11 22 Mar 1918 1300 3N Sopwith Camel (B7218) Albatros D.V (DES) Marquion
12 23 Mar 1918 1700 3N Sopwith Camel (B7185) Pfalz D.III (DESF) Vaux-Beugnatre
13 24 Mar 1918 1530 3N Sopwith Camel (B7218) Albatros D.V (OOC) 5 Vaux

1 Shared with FSL Edmund Pierce
2 Shared with FSL Arthur Whealy, FSL Edmund Pierce
3 Shared with FSL Harold Kerby
4 Shared with FCdr Joseph Fall, FSL James Glen, FSL Leonard Rochford
5 Shared with FLt S Smith, FSL Ronald Berlyn, FLt Edward Hayne, FLt Louis Bawlf, FCdr Arthur Whealy, FLt Edmund Pierce, FSL Frederick Britnell
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