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Name: Hilliard Brooke Bell
Military Cross (MC)
Bronze Medal for Military Valor
Country: Canada
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 66
Victories: 10
Born: 09 March 1897
Place of Birth: Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Died: 16 September 1960
Place of Death:  
The son of Sarah Bell and a student at the University of Toronto, class of 1919, Hilliard Brooke Bell attended University College and was in the Canadian Officer Training Corps (C.O.T.C.) for a year before he enlisted in the 67th University of Toronto Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery in May 1916. He transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant in July 1917. He was promoted to Lieutenant in September 1917 and posted to France with 66 Squadron a month later. In December 1917 his squadron moved to Italy where Bell scored 10 victories flying the Sopwith Camel. He was promoted to Captain and became a Flight Commander in March 1918.
Bell's Medal Group
Military Cross (MC)
T./Capt. Hilliard Brooke Bell, R.A.F.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He destroyed five enemy machines, and drove down one out of control. He is a very fine patrol leader and an excellent officer. His work is thoroughly good, all round.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 16 Dec 1917 1400 66 Sopwith Camel (B5223) Albatros D.V (OOC) NE of Casa de Felice
2 04 Feb 1918 1250 66 Sopwith Camel (B4628) Albatros D.III (DESF) ½ mi SW of St. Giacomo Di Veglia
3 06 Feb 1918 0820 66 Sopwith Camel (B5172) Aviatik C (DES) SE of Giacomo Di Veglia
4 16 Mar 1918 1200 66 Sopwith Camel (B5180) Berg D (OOC) La Parada
5 19 Mar 1918 1025 66 Sopwith Camel (B5180) Albatros D.III (DES) St. Giacomo Di Veglia
6 23 Apr 1918 0850 66 Sopwith Camel (B5180) Albatros D.III (DESF) Mt. Moscaigh
7 03 May 1918 1150 66 Sopwith Camel (B5180) Albatros D.III (DES) Ormelle
8 10 May 1918 0930 66 Sopwith Camel (B5180) Albatros D.III (DESF) Mt. Meatta
9 01 Jul 1918 0900 66 Sopwith Camel (D9388) Pfalz D.III (DES) Coma-Vezzano
10 04 Jul 1918 0750 66 Sopwith Camel (D9388) Pfalz D.III (DES) W of Asiago
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