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Name: Herbert Howard Snowden Fowler
Courtesy of Ted Harrity
Country: Canada
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Naval Air Service
Royal Air Force
Units: 8N, 12N (RNAS)
208 (RAF)
Victories: 6
Born: 18 December 1894
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died: 26 January 1962
Place of Death:  
Herbert Howard Snowden Fowler entered the Royal Naval Air Service on 7 December 1916. Serving with 12 Naval Squadron for less than a month, he was reassigned to 8 Naval Squadron (later 208 Squadron) on 18 August 1917. Flying the Sopwith Camel, Fowler scored six victories in 1918. That summer, he was discharged from the Royal Air Force when it was determined that he was almost completely deaf.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 05 Feb 1918 1245 8N Sopwith Camel (B3832) Albatros D.V (DES) 1 S of Pont-a-Vendin
2 16 Feb 1918 1115 8N Sopwith Camel (B3832) Albatros D.V (DESF) 2 Pronville
3 08 May 1918 1115 208 Sopwith Camel (C8266) Albatros D.V (OOC) Provin
4 09 May 1918 1345 208 Sopwith Camel (C8266) Albatros D.V (OOC) 3 Phalempin
5 18 May 1918 1150 208 Sopwith Camel (C8266) Albatros D.V (OOC) S of Merville
6 22 May 1918 0800 208 Sopwith Camel C (OOC) 4 NE of Lens

1 Shared with FCdr Roderick McDonald, FSL Harold Day, FSL Wilfred Sneath
2 Shared with FCdr Guy Price, FSL Wilfred Sneath
3 Shared with Lt G A Wightman
4 Shared with Capt William Jordan, Lt Reginald Johns, Lt John McDonald, Lt Edward Johnstone, Capt Gerald Cooper, Lt Pruett Dennett
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