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Name: Alfred Michael Koch
Military Cross (MC) Alfred Koch
Country: Canada
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Units: 1, 6, 70
Victories: 10
Born: 25 January 1894
Place of Birth: Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland
Died: after 1984
Place of Death: Vancouver, British Columbia
Alfred Michael Koch emigrated to Canada when he was four years old. He served with the Alberta Dragoons as a trumpeter before shipping out to England in 1914 with the 1st Division Cavalry of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Koch was wounded on 22 October 1916 whilst serving as an observer with 6 Squadron. He was wounded again in 1918.
Military Cross (MC)
Lt. Alfred Koch, R.F.C.
   For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During ten days' operations he carried out eleven reconnaissances at low altitudes. He continually attacked and disorganised enemy troops and transport, and on one occasion he dispersed a battalion of enemy infantry which was marching along a road. On a later occasion, after he had completed a reconnaissance and bombed an enemy position, he was attacked by an enemy patrol. Though his tanks were pierced, and he was wounded, he succeeded in flying his machine back to the aerodrome. He showed splendid courage and initiative.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 18 Oct 1917 0900 70 Sopwith Camel (B2399) Albatros D.V (DES) Westroosebeke
2 20 Oct 1917 1130 70 Sopwith Camel (B2399) Albatros D.V (OOC) Abeele
3 08 Nov 1917 1145 70 Sopwith Camel (B2444) Albatros D.V (OOC) Westroosebeke
4 24 Jan 1918 1130 70 Sopwith Camel (B9138) Albatros C (OOC) Westroosebeke
5 29 Jan 1918 1600 70 Sopwith Camel (B9138) C (OOC) Dadizeele
6 11 Mar 1918 1230 70 Sopwith Camel Balloon (DESF) 1 Menin
7 11 Mar 1918 1700 70 Sopwith Camel Pfalz D.III (DES) 2 Passchendaele
8 22 Mar 1918 1525 70 Sopwith Camel (C1672) Albatros C (OOC) 200 yds SE of Cagnicourt
9 22 Mar 1918 1535 70 Sopwith Camel (C1672) Albatros D.V (DES) SE of Lagnicourt
10 23 Mar 1918 0835 70 Sopwith Camel (C1672) Albatros D.V (OOC) NW of Cambrai

1 Shared with Capt Frank Quigley, Lt Kenneth Seth-Smith, Lt Walter Carlaw
2 Shared with Capt Frank Quigley
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