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Name: Wilfrid Barratt Green
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Legion of Honor [France]
Croix de Guerre with Palm [France]
© Earl Rogers from the collection of Capt. Bogart Rogers, RAF
Country: England
Rank: Captain
Service: Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
Unit: 32
Victories: 7
Born: 09 April 1898
Place of Birth: Burslem, Staffordshire
Died: 13 Sep 1947
Place of Death: Burslem, Staffordshire
From cadet to temp. 2nd Lt. (on prob.) on 12 August 1917; name also appears as Wilfred Barrat Green elsewhere in The London Gazette.
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Lieut. (A. /Capt.) Wilfred Barrat Green. (FRANCE)
   A bold and very gallant officer who has destroyed two enemy aeroplanes and driven down five out of control. He has also shown a fine offensive spirit in engaging ground targets during the recent battles, using his machine guns with great effect.
Date Time Unit Aircraft Opponent Location
1 02 Apr 1918 1500 32 S.E.5a (B8345) Pfalz D.III (OOC) NE of Moreuil
2 16 May 1918 1845 32 S.E.5a (C1093) Pfalz D.III (DESF) Fresnes
3 15 Jul 1918 1230 32 S.E.5a (C1093) Pfalz D.III (OOC) Dormans
4 16 Jul 1918 2015 32 S.E.5a (C1836) Fokker D.VII (OOC) Treloup
5 22 Jul 1918 1805 32 S.E.5a (C1093) Fokker D.VII (OOC) Mont Notre Dame
6 25 Jul 1918 1915 32 S.E.5a (C1093) Fokker D.VII (OOC) Fismes
7 23 Aug 1918 0730 32 S.E.5a (C1097) Fokker D.VII (DES) E of Douai
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