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Country: Austro-Hungarian Empire
Established: The small Military Merit Medal was established on 12 March 1890 in two classes. On 1 April 1916, Franz Joseph added a third, higher class: the large Military Merit Medal.
Three Classes: Gold (large medal), Silver and Bronze (small medal)
Military Merit Medal
The Military Merit Medal was awarded for outstanding services to the Austro-Hungarian Empire in war and peace. Crossed gold swords were attached to the medal's ribbon for meritorious acts in the face of the enemy. In February 1917, Karl I authorized silver bars for additional awards of the small medal and gold bars for additional awards of the large medal.
Recipients - World War I Aces
1 Anslinger, Leopold
4th Class - Feb 1916
2 Brumowski, Godwin
3 Fiala von Fernbrugg, Benno
4 Friedrich, Josef
5 Frint, Johann
6 Hanko, August
7 Hautzmayer, Ludwig
8 Jaeger (Jäger), Otto
9 Jindra, Otto
Silver (2)
10 Lang, Friedrich
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