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Country: Italy
Established: The War Cross (Croce di Guerra) was instituted by King Victor Emmanuel III on 19 Janury 1918.
Croce di Guerra
The Croce di Guerra was awarded "for war merit in land, sea, or air operations, after at least a year's service in the trenches or elsewhere in contact with the enemy; [to] those who were wounded in action and who had earned the award of the Medal for Wounded, those who had performed acts of bravery but not warranting the award of the Al Valore Militare (Medal for Military Valor), and for those who had received promotion for a mention for war merit." The Medals, Decorations & Orders of the Great War 1914-1918
Recipients - World War I Aces
1 Chiri, Antonio
2 Cooper, Arthur Gabbettis
02 Nov 1918*
3 Costantini, Bartolomeo
4 Lega, Giulio
5 Lennox, James Scott
08 Feb 1919*
6 Lienhart, Georges Frederic
7 Luke, Frank
8 Martinengo, Federico
9 Maud, Charles Midgley
08 Feb 1919*
10 Montgomery, Kenneth Barbour
08 Feb 1919*
* Gazetted
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