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Country: Russia
Established: The Order of Saint George was established on 26 November 1769 by Empress Catherine II. The statutes for the order were revised in 1913.
Classes: Originally awarded in six classes, the first four were awarded to officers; the last two classes were awarded to non-commissioned officers. With the death of the Czar, this distinction was removed resulting in four classes.
Order of St. George, 4th Class
During World War I, the Order of Saint George was bestowed upon officers for exceptional bravery. The first and second classes were awarded only by decree of the emperor. The third and fourth classes were awarded by approval of the Georgevsky Council, a group of Saint George Knights. Additionally, the third class was only awarded to senior officers while the fourth class was the highest award bestowed upon non-senior officers by the Russian Empire. During the war, a commanding general, with the approval of at least seven Knights of the order, could award the fourth class in the field. Recipients of the Order of Saint George were guaranteed a promotion in rank and were required to wear the medal or its ribbon at all times.
Recipients - World War I Aces
1 Argeyev (d'Argueff), Pavel Vladimirovich
4th Class
2 Ball, Albert
4th Class - 15 February 1917*
3 Bloch, Marcel Robert Leopold
4th Class
4 Coudouret, Louis Fernand
4th Class
5 De Seversky, Alexander
4th Class
6 Gilsher, Juri
4th Class
7 Kokorin, Nikolai
4th Class
8 Kozakov (Kazakoff), Alexander Alexandrovich
4th Class
9 Kruten, Yevgraph
3rd Class (Posthumous), 4th Class
10 Lachmann, Georges Marcel
4th Class
* Gazetted
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