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Formed:April 1916 at Gosport
Mobilized:May 1916
Losses: Killed in Action (KIA)
 Killed in Flying Accident (KIFA)
 Wounded in Action (WIA)
 Prisoners of War (POW)
60 Squadron was formed at Gosport in April 1916 and was posted to France in May 1916.
1CanadaWilliam Bishop47
2EnglandAlbert Ball20
3CanadaFrank Soden16
4AustraliaHarold Hamersley13
5EnglandJames Belgrave12
6IrelandAlfred Saunders12
7EnglandAlexander Beck11
8CanadaWilliam Duncan11
9EnglandWilliam Jenkins10
10EnglandRobert Chidlaw-Roberts9
11EnglandJohn Doyle9
12New ZealandKeith Caldwell8
13ScotlandGordon Duncan8
14EnglandHerbert Hegarty8
15CanadaWilliam Rutherford8
16CanadaAllan Bell-Irving7
17USAJohn Griffith7
18EnglandSpencer Horn6
19IrelandWilliam Molesworth6
20IrelandSydney Pope6
21CanadaJohn Crompton5
22EnglandWilliam Fry5
23EnglandJohn Rayner5
24New ZealandAlan Scott5
25CanadaRobert Whitney5
26Scotland Graham Young5
1 Morane BB
2 Morane I
3 Morane N
4 Morane V
5 Nieuport 16
6Nieuport 17
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